Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross

Wilber Ross is an economic adviser to Trump who founded a firm to reorganize floundering companies. Ross built his fortune buying the distressed companies that were once at the heart of American industry — steel mills, coal mines and textile factories, to name a few — and then selling them in short order, making billions of dollars along the way. Like Trump, Ross is an outspoken critic of NAFTA.

Read the AAAS letter to Secretary of Commerce nominee, Wilbur Ross. 

During his confirmation hearing and in follow-up questioning from Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL), Mr. Ross pledged that National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will continue to provide accurate and factual data to the public, including peer-reviewed research, without political filters, stating in a letter to Sen. Nelson:

I see no valid reason to keep peer reviewed research from the public. To be clear, by peer review I mean scientific review and not a political filter.

Why is this department important to the science community? 

In a real sense, the Department of Commerce is a research agency that contributes greatly to the progress of science through support of intramural and extramural research. As a result the Department can benefit tremendously from the outcomes of scientific research and input from scientists and engineers across a range of fields.