Sonny Perdue


Born and raised in Georgia, the 70-year-old veterinarian served as a state senator for 10 years beginning in 1991. In 2003, he became Georgia's first Republican governor since Reconstruction. After departing the governorship in 2011, Perdue founded Perdue Partners — an Atlanta-based company that deals in global trade and focuses on the exporting of U.S. goods.

Read the AAAS letter to Secretary of Agriculture nominee, Governor Sonny Perdue. 

Why is this department important to the science community? 

Department of Agriculture funded research and development programs inform national food,nutrition, rural development, and land management policies that impact the lives of each and every American. High quality agricultural research, including that funded by the Department, can bring innovative solutions to problems that affect millions of Americans. Research decades ago on the sex life of the screwworm fly, for example, led to a novel pest control technique we use today to combat everything from invasive fruit flies in California to the mosquitos that transmit devastating diseases like Zika. Bringing insights from scientific research to bear on U.S. agriculture issues has the potential to make life safer and more prosperous for all.