Speak up for reliable and valid forensic science

On April 10, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the National Commission on Forensic Science (NCFS) would not be renewed. Simultaneously the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a Notice of Public Comment Period on Advancing Forensic Science requesting input on how it should “move forward to strengthen the foundations of forensic science and improve the operations and capacity of forensic laboratories.” The notice specifically requests proposals for how the Justice Department should proceed in order to “(1) improve the underlying science and validity of forensic evidence; (2) improve the operational management systems of forensic science service providers; and (3) improve the understanding of forensic science by legal practitioners.” Comments are due June 9, 2017.  

AAAS and its partners will be speaking up on this issue, and we encourage you to also make your voice heard on the importance of ensuring that all branches of government receive advice on the best scientific information available and that rigorous science is used in convicting the guilty and exonerating the innocent.