AAAS Connects Scientists and Students with Classroom Science Days

For over 25 years, AAAS has produced a day of science in conjunction with the AAAS Annual Meeting.  We work with the local community— including informal educators, teachers and scientists— to leave strengthened connections to groups that don’t get needed exposure to science or scientists.  

  • At the 2017 meeting, 20 scientists from the Boston area (undergraduate, graduate students, postdocs, professors and researchers in industry) visited 20 schools and gave short talks about their educational and career paths.   

  • At the 2018 meeting in Texas, we worked with 32 scientists and reached nearly 5,000 students in Austin, Houston and Dallas.  See the video here.

  • Scientists, teachers and students agreed that the 2017 and 2018 talks were a success!  Some scientist-teacher pairs made plans for future events including lab tours and more talks.  

  • For 2019 our goal is to reach schools in the DC metro area.

Educators: Learn how to book a free talk for your school

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