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Webinar: Launching and Leading Change in STEM Education

This webinar focuses on the challenges of leading a transformational change effort that has the potential to address the underlying institutional and faculty assumptions and behaviors that affect student interest, progress and success in the study of STEM fields. Participants will explore several key questions that anyone undertaking and leading a significant change effort should consider as they design, launch and seek to expand an effort to improve interest and the outcomes of STEM education. Topics will address each phase of a typical cycle of change including reading the institutional environment and making the case for change, creating a theory of action to support the design of a change effort, selecting a suitable approach to an identified problem, identifying resources to support the effort, launching the effort, tracking the progress and impact of the change effort and reviewing the outcomes and drawing lessons from the experience that can lead to the creation of a supportive environment for further change efforts.


This webinar is designed to help faculty members and midlevel administrators who are seeking to promote interest in STEM fields and to support successful completion of a STEM degree within the complex and diverse environments of college and university campuses today.


At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize phases of typical institutional change cycle
  • Understand the local campus change process
  • Identify strategies for launching and sustaining institutional change

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