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Live Chat: Measuring Impacts of Public Engagement on Scientists

Evaluator Karen Peterman has been working with AAAS to develop scales to study scientists' experiences doing public engagement, and the short-term impact on the scientists themselves. Join us for a live chat on Thursday, June 29th from 12pm-1pm ET to discuss the results so far: indicators that can help measure scientists’ confidence in their ability to engage (self-efficacy), motivation to continue doing so, and their perceptions about the public. What are the next steps and implications of this work for those interested in improving, participating in and evaluating public engagement with science? (Check out a previous chat Karen led at the beginning of this project). We'll update this with a link to the discussion thread once it's been created. If you can't join during the live chat, feel free to comment at any time afterward.

Discussion will take place in this thread: 

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