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Live Trellis Discussion: Understanding the “Science Budget”

Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy (ESEP) is excited to announce our first live discussion with Matt Hourihan , Josh Shiode , and David Parkes from the AAAS R&D Budget and Policy Program! We will be chatting with them about the federal R&D budget and they will answer our questions including

  • What is specifically in this budget request for science?
  • How will the Congress incorporate, or not, the President’s proposals when it writes appropriations bills for FY 2018?
  • What kind of say does President Trump have over all this?
  • How can scientists and science enthusiasts influence the process?

Here is your opportunity to ask your questions and share your thoughts about the federal budget.

Also, be sure to follow @MattHourihan and @JoshShiode on Twitter, check out the R&D budget and policy program website, and play around with their science budget data dashboard before our live Trellis discussion. 

Please join us on June 9 at 1 pm ET!

Trellis is the new communication and collaboration platform for the scientific community developed by AAAS.