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Reddit AMA About the Budget with AAAS's Josh Shiode and Matt Hourihan

Science Budget AMA

Hi, we’re Josh Shiode and Matt Hourihan. We help scientists and engineers understand the federal R&D budget and engage with their legislators on funding issues. Ask us anything! After releasing a “skinny budget” last month, the Trump Administration has finally released its full budget for fiscal year 2018, spelling out in more detail the significant cuts proposed in the “skinny budget.” In fact, according to AAAS estimates, this would be the toughest budget proposal for research and development since the Apollo era, and taking a similar, but tougher, approach to the first Reagan Administration budget. However, the Congress has consistently supported federal R&D in recent years and voted to increase funding by five percent above FY 2016 levels earlier this month, with increases for basic and applied research, development, and R&D facilities funding. What is specifically in this budget request for science? How will the Congress incorporate, or not, the President’s proposals when it writes appropriations bills for FY 2018? What kind of say does President Trump have over all this? How does the federal budget process even work? And how can scientists and science enthusiasts influence the process? Ask us anything! (You can also follow us on Twitter: @MattHourihan and @JoshShiode, Check out our website, or play around with our science budget data dashboard.