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Tweet Chat: Science Communication

Friends, I wanted to invite you to a monthly Twitter chat I have established where we summarize latest research in science communication.  Our inaugural Tweet chat will be Tuesday August 29th at 5 PM PDT.  Please view the website for more details

Hope to see you there, hashtag is #scicommjc


Dr. Sherry Nouraini is social media consultant at Captive Touch, lecturer on the topic of Social Media for Climate Science and Policy at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and Social Media Marketing Instructor at UC San Diego Extension. Sherry recently published a new book titled “Social Solutions for Climate Change: How to inspire action through social media,” which has been recognized as a finalist for the San Diego Book Awards.

Ask Sherry about: Social Media Strategy, Climate Change Communication

Dr. Echo Rivera is a research associate at a research & evaluation center, where she works with programs to evaluate their impact. She also specializes in using effective, visual, and creative communication for dissemination.  Echo is the owner of Creative Research Communications, LLCwhere she teaches others how to effectively communicate their research.

Ask Echo about: Effective, visual, and creative communication

Dr. Mariya Voytyuk received her Global Health PhD from Arizona State University’s School of Human Evolution and Social Change. Her work examines how people shape perceptions of complex health phenomena (such as healthy eating) across cultures. Aside from research, Mariya is involved with communicating science with the public on all topics related to food and health.

Ask Mariya about: Food science, evolution and human nutrition

Heather C. Conklin, MPA, MA, is Founder of SPOT Strategies. She has spent over a decade as a researcher for various organizations, including private companies, California Department of Justice, and the UCR Center for Sustainable Suburban Development. She’s conducted research across various policy areas, including healthcare, environmental sustainability, agriculture, law, and education.

Ask Heather about: Science policy; policymaking; politics

Ben Wildeboer is a high school physics and chemistry teacher interested in graphic design in education, integration of technology into instructional use, and using science education research to improve student learning and skill development.

Ask Ben about: Science education and research