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Anyone who believes in the importance of science can be a science advocate. The future of science, and of our ecosystems — from coral reefs, to rainforests, to tundras, — depends on the strength of science advocates like you.

By becoming a member of AAAS, you’ll ensure that together, we can continue to advance science with the help of, and for the benefit of, all people.

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Here are just a few of the many initiatives your membership will support:

  • Briefing Capitol Hill staffers on the importance of science funding
  • Inspiring the next generation by placing retired scientists in K-12 classrooms across the nation
  • Making science accessible to all by bringing scientists, policymakers, and the general public together though one-of-a-kind events and workshops
  • Collaboration with 60 scientific societies (and counting) to urge Congress to reject policies that disregard scientific evidence

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Why Join AAAS?


As a member, you’re supporting AAAS teams working to educate and advocate on issues related to biomedical research, STEM education, energy policy, climate change and more.

stay informed

Read the latest-breaking research and news in the science and technology community in our weekly journal, Science, and receive members-only discounts to certificate-level courses and event registrations.

Influence policymakers

Your membership helps AAAS educate and communicate with policy makers at local, state, and national levels, bringing evidence-based research to bear on critical issues such as climate change, vaccines, and public funding of science research.

increase Public Awareness

AAAS trains thousands of scientists and engineers to effectively communicate research and its benefits to the public in plain language that’s accessible to all.

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