Cell analysis: Time for a change?

Join us on Wednesday, June 28th  at 9 am for the next webinar from Science Webinars: Cell Analysis: Time for a change?

The traditional techniques of standard microscopy and flow cytometry have been the stalwart of cell analysis for many years. But times have changed—scientific breakthroughs, grant applications, and publications wait for no one—and there are now a host of new technologies that complement these traditional modalities. With the advent of automation and high-throughput technologies, researchers no longer need to spend hours in a darkroom to capture a simple fluorescent image, painstakingly measuring cell parameters one cell at a time, or risk losing precious samples due to mechanical issues. Our panelists will explain how applying the latest cutting-edge technologies, such as high-content analysis and superresolution microscopy, as well as other advances in flow cytometry and microscopy, can lead to new discoveries while saving time and making your lab more efficient and productive.

During the webinar, the speakers will:

  • Discuss how recent advances have led to breakthroughs, including the ability to measure rare events in cancer stem cells or 3D structures such as organoids
  • Elucidate how new technologies can positively impact the day-to-day operation of your lab
  • Explain how reagents can influence results and why reagent validation is critical
  • Answer your questions during the live broadcast!

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