The White House released its FY2018 budget proposal. It contains large cuts to scientific research and development at many agencies that would hinder innovation and economic growth.

Why science funding is important

What you can do

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The White House’s budget proposal is just that – a proposal. Congress is responsible for appropriating funds, and it is essential that members of Congress support scientific R&D.

We applaud Congress for recognizing the value of science investment in the final FY 2017 omnibus funding bill. Congress has a long history of bi-partisan support for investments in basic and applied scientific research. Please join us in urging Congress to continue to support funding for scientific research and development (R&D).

Why science funding is important

Scientific R&D improves our economy.  Science and technology have been responsible for more than half of all U.S. economic growth since World War II, according to research based on work by Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert M. Solow.  Investments in R&D are essential to maintaining U.S. leadership in innovation.  See some interesting examples below for how R&D has impacted peoples’ lives:

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What you can do

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